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What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design provides support for the integration of specialties, such as cosmetic & restorative dentistry, periodontics, implantologyorthodontics, orthognathic surgery, etc.

If you are thinking of dental veneers, a cosmetic makeover or a full mouth of dental implants, Digital Smile Design protocols will help you achieve a better outcome and a winning smile.

Digital Smile Design provides a multi-faceted, conceptual approach to cosmetic dentistry. The system promotes the use of highly effective visual perceptions (photography – videography), education and motivation to heighten communication between you and your treatment team and similarly improves the integration of other dental specialists involved with your planning and procedural execution.

Benefits of Smile Design

  • The diagnostic abilities are facilitated through an extra-and-intra oral aesthetic and structural evaluation.

  • Improved communication between the team members providing a better visual perception, education and motivation for patients.

  • Increased efficiency of case presentation and accordingly case acceptance.

  • Clinical efficiency and predictability through digital technology.

So, if you have that secret wish to achieve a desired style of smile or you always think that the design of your smile can be improved –  Digital Smile Design is the way to go for. Let’s co-design and make it happen. A perfect smile is just a consultation away.